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Operating out of Hamilton, Wayne and Jude Weatherly have built New Zealand Industrial Abseilers Ltd around a team of professionals, each of whom are specialists in their chosen field. With backgrounds in such disciplines as inspection, engineering, welding and bio-security, the staff at NZIA are highly qualified to complete your inspection, maintenance or repair projects where access to the problem area is difficult.

NZIA is a company specialising in delivering high quality inspection, qualified welding and maintenance services at height and confined spaces with innovative inspection and reporting techniques.

NZIA do this by delivering on our four key values;
  • Innovation
  • Experience
  • Tradesmen
  • Integrity
Which in turn helps NZIA achieve our overall vision;
  • To bring innovation to our industry whilst striving to be the best at what we do – Inspection and Welding Services at Height & Confined Spaces.
NZIA deliver on our values by;
  • Having a culture within NZIA to constantly achieve and always look for new and innovative solutions
  • Having a high standard and regard for quality workmanship and high standard of professional conduct
  • Employing qualified engineering tradesmen whom are also ticketed in various disciplines ranging from stainless plate dual welding (AS2980), carbon steel plate (AS2980), and Asme 1X 6G in both 2” and 6”.
  • Within our culture is a paramount respect for safety and always delivering our services safely and efficiently
  • To achieve our high regard for safety requires constant training, practical assessment, and re-assessment for all staff members to ensure they are always up to speed with the latest techniques, new equipment, as well as any changes in policy’s or procedures in the various discipline of training ranging from International Industrial Rope Access, confined space & atmospheric testing, Hazard Assessment, permit receiving through to First Aid
  • Effective and detailed planning – as we are a small company delivering a very specialised service to clients both in New Zealand and Internationally, normally on very short and intense plant shut downs this requires meticulous planning and attention to detail to ensure NZIA delivers our promised service on time.

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