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Inspection Services

NZIA are highly trained, experienced and certified, then combine this with trade based staff and a passion to delivery on quality workmanship, NZIA are committed to delivering you a high standard of service.

Dairy Industry Dryers

Dryer Inspection Process
  • JSA, Permits, Isolations etc
  • Rig dryer for full visual surface inspection,
  • Inspect Chamber roof to buid beds
  • Inspect Fluid beds (vibro and Static)
  • Inspect Ducting’s
  • Inspect Intake ducting
  • Inspect Air Dispersal
  • Inspect Knocking Hammers
  • Inspect Gaskets and Seals
  • Inspect Explosion panels and explosion cavity
  • Inspect Cladding and Insulation
  • De rig
  • Reporting

Dairy Industry Silos

Silos Inspection Process
  • JSA, Permits, Isolations etc
  • Rig Silo for full visual surface inspection
  • Inspect Gaskets and Seals
  • Inspect pipe work and supports
  • Inspect CIP Spray Balls
  • Inspect access ladders and walkways
  • Inspect Agitators
  • Inspect hold down bolts
  • Inspect Cladding and Insulation
  • De rig
  • Reporting

 Inspect Live Software

We use NZIA Inspect Live Software which we designed and produced specifically for the Inspection of dairy Industry Vessels.

  • Photos of all imperfections
  • Full description of imperfections
  • Mapping of all imperfections
  • Can discuss at the time of Inspection any imperfections that need may require immediate attention, which we can generally repair at the time, within reason and timeframes
  • Within ten working days, NZIA will generally have a full detailed report sent back to our clients
  • Repairs that are carried out either straight away or the following year are then photographed, along with a description of the repair and added to the report
  • Generally, at the time of inspection, any small repairs normally consist of small cracks, seals and immediate hygiene risks
  • NZIA works with our clients to programme in repairs, which can range from cladding removal, crack repairs, small sectional cut-outs, through to metallurgic analysis.

Key advantages for choosing NZIA

Innovation within our Industry – NZIA has created our own software for detailed, comprehensive and photographic reports. Providing each efficient solutions to our clients by using NZIA’s vast experience and engineering knowledge we regularly provide access solutions to save our clients time and money, especially in time-critical shutdowns and in difficult access situations.

Experience with large projects – NZIA completes a lot of shutdowns nationally and internationally which ensures our experience is vital to ensure our projects stay on schedule, budget and to the task.

Tradesman - Our trade based staff are highly trained and experienced – NZIA has a wealth of knowledge and experience within our trade based staff, who have been trained as Industrial Abseilers to allow this form of access to complete our work at height which in turn delivers on quality workmanship of the task.

Integrity, commitment, honesty, directness and with 20+ year’s of experience which all adds to delivering on projects for our clients

Industrial Rope Access is the right method for the task?

  • Industrial rope access can be fast, efcient, safe and practical in the right situations.
  • This form of access is safe and efcient when completed by certified technicians, then combine this skill set with a trade certified tradesmen and you have a comprehensive reliable service that NZIA provides and is proud of.