welding services

Industrial Maintenance

NZIA are highly trained, experienced and certified, then combine this with trade based staff and a passion to deliver on quality workmanship, NZIA are committed to delivering you a high standard of service.

Structural Maintenance and Building Surveys

NZIA can complete an assessment of your structure/s and then compile a comprehensive report using NZIA Inspect Live Software which can be used in maintenance planning.

Crack Injection and Concrete Repairs

As concrete often develops cracks and imperfections both from seismic, impact or industrial movement as well as gradual disrepair overtime NZIA can assist in repairing these imperfections by using a range of high quality products and methods.

Electrical Cable installation & Removal

NZIA removes and installs cabling in a variety of situations and locations.

Everything from large cables (65mm diameter x 140m long) where NZIA were able to haul the cable up from the electrical MCC, along and through a maze of existing cable trays on top of a pipe bridge through to their destination of two large industrial motors, through to installing small instrumentation cabling.

We also remove olds cables very quickly and efficiently.

Cladding Repairs

NZIA completes a lot of routine, preventative and emergency repairs to silo and tank cladding, predominantly due to the fact that over years the rivets and screws becoming loose and corroded.

NZIA replaces all of these and more often than not installs additional banding to ensure no sheets come loose.

This is a very fast and efficient way of cladding maintenance compared with other options to complete this task.

General Building Maintenance

Flashings, Sealing, Gaskets, cleaning, water blasting, decommissioning, etc.

We can find a solution to most jobs at height.